Ilham Gasimzadeh

Data, History and Future

Recently, there is a big discussion on DA belonging to a particular region or country. Each side tries to prove, KO that is their national breed. Caucasian Shepherd in connection with a wide distribution area, including large areas with different terrain and climatic conditions, as well as due to the geographical isolation of certain regions, acquired significant external differences. Here representatives of long-haired and short-haired types of Caucasian Shepherd Azerbaijan. Dlinosherstny type, Bozdar and Coated Type (prairie), heating plant.

Mazover in the book "breeding business in service dog" ( ed. "DOSAF" 1954 year.) He writes:

The Azerbaijani SSR two types differ among the Caucasian Shepherd . One is found in mountainous areas , approaching Georgian , apparently formed when a large impact of the recent, and the second - in the steppe regions , strong, dry constitution, more high on, short-haired, with more elongated, dry-head. For dogs of Azerbaijan SSR characteristic red color with a dark mask, rarely found in other parts of the. There is a large percentage of spotted (about 30%), often encountered in the steppe regions. stretching of the index in dogs the same mountain, that the Georgian. In the steppe regions of frequent short dogs with an index prolixity 100-102.

I think, that the world-famous Soviet canine A.Mozover clearly described the Azerbaijani native shepherds and its description can be used for further work with FBOs in our region.

Although experienced shepherds and breeders, against the division of the dogs on the mountain and steppe types. they believe , Both of these types of , long-haired and short-haired, found in mountain, and in the steppe regions of the country. Most Azerbaijani shepherds prefer short-haired type of the Caucasian sheep. This is a separate issue. We'll come back to it later.

Long-haired native Caucasian Shepherd found mainly Zagatala Kakh Balakan region of Azerbaijan ekstereru dogs like gruzinckih Caucasian Shepherd. ( a photo 1 Of Argun)And in Karabakh region , and Kelbadzharskom , Lachin and other territories occupied by Armenian armed forces. Dogs generally imeejut intermediate coat type.(foto2 cry). Dogs of this type are also Cuban Shemakhinsky Reinach where dogs are mostly short-haired. A purely short-indigenous wolfhounds found mainly Gobustan, (foto3 Toplan) Shamakhi and Quba district of our republic. These dogs despite the short zherst, cold well tolerated.

AT 1949 very enthusiastic service dog OD. Koshkina was carried out the first post-war Large Caucasian Shepherds from Azerbaijan for Leningrad.

AT 1953 by NN. Chernyshov brought nursery paramilitary security companies Lensovnarhoza dogs from Georgia and Azerbaijan. Among these dogs were future breeding manufacturers Gurgi, Thunder, Tfan. All these dogs were of different type.

In May 1959 Lensovnarhoz year carried the most significant importation of dogs from Azerbaijan. In the same year in Moscow at the All-Union Exhibition in Lenigrada were bought dogs from Georgia - Bar and Reef, included in further breeding. Son Reef Rem later became the All-Union Exhibition of Economic Achievements winner and champion.

In addition to these dogs used extensively Palace - gray male, birth 1961 of the year, brought from Georgia, brought from Azerbaijan Talat, sons Tfana and thunder, Gurdjieff and Gursuf. Later sons Palace Avraal bred (Vlad. Soda) and in August-Alash (Vlad. Baltic plant nursery), obtained from the daughter Gurgi Vistula.

I, so in the development of the cultivated plant species used extensively Azerbaijan dogs. At the moment, the course of the analysis works with the factory Caucasian Shepherd, show, that the working abilities of these dogs greatly reduced. Often there are "show dog", which have only exterior view. Now in Russia to improve the situation raised the question of the tide of blood aboriginal dogs. Country-patron of the breed Caucasian Shepherd believe Russia. On the eve of the conference KO, which will be addressed and the project of creation of breed "North Caucasian Wolfhound" or shorthair KO, I would like to cynologists Russia and around the world have not forgotten about CO Azerbaijan. Today, all fans KO Azerbaijan question arises : if our dog KO, why they do not indicate how CA, or at least do not give the status of aboriginal ?

If this aboriginal dog, why they are actively used to generate KO and now again returned to the subject without taking into account the region of the native Caucasian Shepherd. After KO of Azerbaijan is one of the few breeds of dogs that have native relatives.