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9 entries.
Mary Mary wrote on 18.07.2017 at 09:48:
I would like to express your opinion about the breeding work with your native breed. I am delighted! Ilham, You are a huge fellow! Selection of steam for the revival and development of national heritage-it's not easy, and you get it! Your dog Saymaz is a song for the breeder, beautiful, breed, fearless dog. I wish you to continue, all turned to!
Ilham Ilham wrote on 01.12.2016 at 11:41:
Dear Natalia! Thank you very much to you ,that appreciate our work on the revival and preservation of domestic breeds like Azerbaijan Gurdbasar! In this case, there is also your work as many of our friends from the Commonwealth of breeders, who share our thoughts and support at the international level!!! With the best wishes of the President of the Society of the Caucasian breed Ilham Gasimzadeh
Natalia city Natalia city wrote on 29.11.2016 at 19:15:
good afternoon, Ilham! With great pleasure to watch photos of aboriginal dogs of Azerbaijan! magnificent dogs! Thank you very much, for your work, conservation and restoration of livestock of these magnificent creations of nature! I'm with you!!!!
courage official courage official wrote on 08.08.2016 at 22:46:
Greeting every purse. Come for associated it with our denominated National Qurdbasar sahib cixaq. Do it this way seeing two most powerful,The generation of forensic wound was numayendesi. Do Leqebi. Yasi 6. Annas color nesli,Overcome Quba Sari Peleng nesli. This dog is a man fell into the hands desadufi tehlukesindeydi Deye dog to be destroyed. More precisely, a little time to destroy it WOULD kecseydi. Chairman of the dog cinslerimiz Ilham Qasimzade to destruction of the dog saved. After checking the compliance of certain criteria dog breeds dogs saved from destruction. This is because the dog is very little remaining thoroughbred male individuals that meet the standards are fully damazlig. We have as a member of the Union. Ilham should isde muellimi alqislayiriq. This one deyil, itlerimiz so handy to random people were killed and more. But thankfully this Qurdbasarimuz olsunki he went danger. Waiting for a better model Insallah Kucukler.
Ilham Gasimzadeh Ilham Gasimzadeh wrote on 11.07.2016 at 11:07:
Dear fans of Azerbaijani gurdbasara and all members of our obedeneniya!! Thank you for the kind words addressed to me. I want to say that to protect the national heritage and develop our duty and your help me vdohnavlyaet. We must also maintain our national breed as the Karabakh horse, gazakhskii dilboz, Baku pigeons, garadolagskuyu Galinsky and sheep and many more left to us by our ancestors!!! Sincerely Chairman of the Public obedeneniya 'Lovers Caucasian dog breeds' Ilham Gasimzadeh!!!
Rasim Rasim wrote on 11.07.2016 at 09:36:
Good afternoon! I read almost all materials posted on your site. I want to express my great respect for the creators of this unique site and personally Ilham Gasimzadeh, who wrote most of the articles. You did a great job for, whole world to know about the breed "Azerbaijan Gurdbasar". This breed heritage of Azerbaijani people. For many fans, I always see links to your site when talking about Azerbaijani wolfhounds. I want to wish, that you continue your work with the same determination and detailed scientific approach. to breed "Azerbaijan Gurdbasar" flourished and more.
Samir Samir wrote on 10.07.2016 at 21:19:
Dear Ilham Gasimzadeh! Thank you for this scientific and poznovatelny site! Thanks to these patriots as you, our national pride gurdbasara whole world knows! The public must support people like Ilham Gasimzadeh!
Natalia Karaulova Natalia Karaulova wrote on 14.10.2015 at 20:46:
Sorry for the anonymous appeal! I read your article about the advisability of holding dog fights,thank you very much for the historical information and,and their objective evaluation! Yours faithfully,Director of Veterinary medicine " AHROSERVICE",g. Voronezh
Bayramov Safxan Bayramov Safxan wrote on 15.09.2014 at 15:32:
inspired by the master!
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijani and Russian experts in the field of the Kennel and hunting and was very happy to read in the press about the event, istyirakın. Offensive aggression satisfied with the Armenians in the territory and spirituality, Mercenary was seen in animals.(doves, dogs and so on.) For that reason, I am sure, because of the desire of your heart will be in this area. Secondly, for the vurusdun, You have to serve, do you think, and now we continue to. Congratulations and good luck!
Bayramov Safxan