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One of the most remarkable representatives of Caucasian Shepherd Azerbaijan is a 2-year-old male named by Argun.
He was the winner of the "First International Dog Show" in the "native breeds of Azerbaijan", Azerbaijan carried out by the International Kennel Club in 2002 year.
This magnificent example of Caucasian Shepherd Azerbaijan was taken from the village Shyhzari, Shamakhi region of Azerbaijan in the 3 months of age.
He has outstanding data:

The length of the muzzle – 12cm
The length of the head – 22 cm
volume muzzle -37 cm
head girth -63 cm
Volume mouth -17sm
Height at the withers -77 cm

This large 2-year-old dog named One won the Fair "Best Show" in the nomination "Best Junior".
One mountain Azerbaijan type wolfhound. Taken to the age of one month from the Zagatala region of Azerbaijan. He is considered one of the biggest dogs of this type in Azerbaijan.
He has an impressive record :

The length of the muzzle – 12cm
The length of the head – 17 cm
volume muzzle -37 cm
head girth -63 cm
Volume pastern -18sm
Height at the withers -85 cm

Caucasian Shepherd from the mountain village of Khizi, Khizi region of Azerbaijan.
characterized by powerful, bony addition. Age 2.5 of the year.
Currently, rising to 75 cm at the withers, the weight – 58 kg.

"Boatswain" in October marks 3 of the year. It is a large dog ( withers 85 cm., the weight 75 kg.). Puppy taken out from the village of Khizi region of Azerbaijan Agdara.
Boatswain's a good fighter, characterized by excellent working qualities of the territory of protection. He has a good character. He loves children and, unusually , He loves water. When the opportunity presents long swims.

Dog breeding line Shyhzari farmer village, Shamakhi region Abdulaziz Gadirov have unusual working qualities. So in December 2002 year a herd of sheep farmer attacked caracal. Bitch Gashkov with his 5 month old puppy came into the fight with a lynx. In the fierce battle with this dangerous wild cat Gashkov prevailed. Lynx was dead, but Gashkov received many wounds from claws. A. Gadirov still keeps at home as a trophy lynx pelt.