Chairman of the Azerbaijani NGO "Caucasian Dog" Ilham said Gasimzadeh, that after the occupation of Karabakh by Armenia, local breeds of dogs started with rocks to cross Turkey and Central Asia, and the resulting hybrid breed declared a national treasure of Armenia.

"AT 2003 We opened a Russian site and began to place on the material of the Azerbaijani dog breeds. The site has attracted attention, and since then almost 10 Russian magazines have interviewed me. Previously, we had an elite breed Khan bowls (khan greyhound), which is now no longer. The reaction of the Armenian cynologists followed immediately: In his articles, they started calling me doubtful biologist Azerbaijan. », – he told site.

"Recently in Kazakhstan at the conference, I proposed the creation of a society of Turkic countries dogs, and the proposal was approved. In September this year will be held the founding conference of the new society. We aim to preserve the old breeds of dogs, inherited from their fathers and grandfathers. This is my hobby, but I try to translate it into a professional plane. Dogfights are popular for centuries in Azerbaijan – during migrations to summer pastures herders arranged such fights, to select the strongest dogs. At one time, even dogs used in war. And now our dogs are suitable for the border guard service, characterized by devotion to family, especially children. In Turkmenistan, the local breed Alabai declared a national treasure, for the removal of this breed abroad threatens to 7 years in prison. We believe, that our state represented by the Ministry of Agriculture should give due attention to this issue, hold exhibitions, to participate in international exhibitions, to popularize Azerbaijani breeds of dogs abroad. Moreover, in the present time, there is the danger of losing our purebred dogs. Our purebred shepherd dogs breed gurdbasar suit mainly reddish, the hair is short, strongly built, powerful jaws, resistant to diseases. Unfortunately, because of low health literacy among dog owners often suffer, increased their mortality ", – he noted.