Ilham Gasimzadeh

“BECK” (Kelbajar region of Azerbaijan) owner: N.Azizov

About the ancient origin of the Caucasian Shepherd, the merits of its working ability is written very much, and on this occasion there is no dispute. Caucasian Shepherd Dog (native breed) It is the pride of all the peoples of Transcaucasia and the Caucasus, but at the same time it's the trouble these people. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Each of these sovereign republics trying to usurp the right of the creator of the breed. What are the only new names are not invented : Artsakh dog ???, dlinosherstny Georgian Wolfhound, Azerbaijani gurdbasar (volkodav), Alania dog, Armenian-Turkish, Kurdish dog, etc.. If further it goes the name of the breed will be for each district and each village. And it would be a tragedy of the breed.

The plight of the Caucasian Shepherd in Azerbaijan in the 70s and early 90s of the last century, enough has been written in the national press. But after 1995 The situation began to improve. There was a lot of livestock farms , having a good (no exhibition) dogs herd, with good performance qualities. And what is especially nice, revived , seemingly extinct steppe species of short-haired dogs – steppe type of Azerbaijan Shepherd. This is one of the types of Caucasian Shepherd, widespread throughout the region. Large livestock izdrevne lived in the steppe regions of Azerbaijan.

At all, due to climatic conditions (in Azerbaijan 7 climatic zones), as well as the, Livestock more historically developed on the territory of South and North Azerbaijan, all types of Caucasian Shepherd live in our republic.

In the highlands, bordering with Georgia and Armenia, Dogs are the so-called mountain type - dlinosherstnye KO, in the middle zone - areas close to Dagestan - dog with an intermediate coat ( I think the best type of KO, with excellent working qualities, feeling quite well enough in the cold mountainous areas,, and in hot regions. for example, easily transferring cold, otdelnye years in excess of minus 30 degrees in the Nakhichevan Autonomous Region, and heat, reaching to 40-45 degrees in lowland steppe regions of the republic.) by the way, best Soviet Caucasian Shepherd (in the 30s 20 century) named Topush, I had woolen cover intermediate type.

If we trace the history of the occurrence of CO, for many years published in Soviet times,, and now, can be seen, that all authors, as a solid ( primarily A.Mazover, V.Kalinin, T.Ivanova, A. Morozov, "Friend" magazine, and the young magazine "Caucasus native dogs and Asia") and not particularly competent , one version of the Caucasian origin of the dog is not in dispute, ie. rodonačalʹnik Tibetan dog, further Assyrian, Mesopotamian dogs, etc..

In connection with the EIM I would like to draw the attention of fans KO on such a circumstance. Without taking your attention to the details, roughly speaking, descending from Tibet, multiple conversion, Dog caught in the hot climate of the Middle East, and later in the South Caucasus. And so it is only natural, that all these dogs and is quite logical in the final product – Caucasian Shepherd should prevail short woolen blanket, and closer to the mountains of the Caucasus, intermediate and long.

Haired Caucasian Shepherd - is a reality. In the 30s of the last century, when it was launched a massive export of dogs to Russia for official use, preference was given to dogs of Georgia, as it was thought, that the long-haired dogs easier to outsource severe frosts, and presumably, in favor of the then leadership of the Soviet Union, which is also supported by the facts, published in the press.

but it seems, and that the short-haired, and with the intermediate dog wool cloak would have coped with the frosts of Siberia. After all settled down there Alsatian, Dogi, dobermanы, Rottweilers etc..

Steppe shorthair Caucasian Shepherd - Dog large growth ( height at the withers comes to 70-80 cm ) with a big head, lighter skeleton, than the long-haired dogs. Bony index on average 17,3 . Eyes oval - almond. The length of the coat 3-5 cm ( at the intermediate 5-7, dlinosherstnyh -14 cm - aboriginal dogs, no factory). color: pale yellow, white, gray, brown, mottled white with brown or black spots ( black background with white spots is undesirable).

Particularly appreciated flame-red color ( popularly called "golden").Short-haired dogs have higher working qualities, than dlinosherstnye. This can be seen in the following examples. Since ancient times to the present day in the dog fights are taking part the vast majority of short-haired dog or an intermediate pile.

To 1953 of the year, when the territory Azerabydzhana in the subtropical zone inhabited by extinct Caspian tiger and leopards, Caucasian Shepherd of the flock ( while in a flock number vzroslyhsobak reached 15-20) They attacked the beast, and it was removed easily. 5-6 dogs easily stripped bear.

The purpose of this article to remind the pseudo-patriots- Cynology, that we should not act like politicians, dividing everyone and everything, from the land to the people. Caucasian shepherd dogs are given to us by God, nature and traditions of our ancestors. The task of true lovers of the breed, especially not in the, to qualify for the, to whom it belongs, and in that, to keep it in its original form, not to spoil trebyvaniyami professionals' show exhibitions ". "Caucasian" allows the judge to climb into his mouth, anything, not only Caucasian. KO without aggression and anger to someone else - it's just a huge poodle.