Breed Standard "Azerbaijani Wolfhound - Gurdbasar",,ru,It approved at the general meeting of the members of the Public Association "Dogs Caucasian breed" on the basis of the protocol №01-0208,,ru.
It approved at the general meeting of the members of the Public Association
"Dogs Caucasian breed" on the basis of Protocol
№01-0208 of 07 February 2008 of the year


Azerbaijan Wolfhound – Гурдбасар
In dogs the people of this type have the following names (from the most common to less than):
– volkodav;
– gojun go, (Dog guarding the sheep) Shepherd go, (shepherd dog);
-Wheat; (pyatnystaya head)
– gurdʙasar ( pressing wolf dog) - depending on the phonetic pronunciation of the generic features of the tribes of Azerbaijan.
– gurd – pronunciation in Azerbaijani language, translated into Russian language means - Wolf;


Azerbaijan. Major Distribution Areas- Karabakh zone, str, Lachyn, Gubadli, Kelbadzharsky, (occupied areas) areas, and Cuba, Khizi, Şemaxi, Zagat, Gazakh region of the Republic. Mountain and steppe zones, the climatic conditions of the republic pastoralists allowed to actively use the summer and winter pastures. Dogs have adapted to live in mountain and steppe regions of the republic.

Rock paintings of Azerbaijani dogs made by ancient man were found historical reserve Gobustan. Studies show picture, what else 3 thousand. BC on the territory of Azerbaijan aboriginal dogs help man hunt, also to protect the homes and livestock.


originally used, as a herding dog to guard livestock herds, camels, oveçïx colonies, as well as the home and monastery of Azerbaijanis. Loyalty to the owner and his family, intolerance of outsiders, and at the same time an amazing ability to adapt to social, striking combination of intuition native dogs, sharpness of mind and excellent physique allow you to use these dogs for protection. The dog is currently in use – as a shepherd, protecting the flock from wolves and various predators, as a sentry. Ancient Azerbaijanis used these dogs for hunting. (a source. rock paintings Gobustan reserve).

General form

Azerbaijan Wolfhound – Гурдбасар- - medium and large growth, hard and rough-type constitution, with massive bone structure and well-developed muscles. The skin is thick, elastic, often it forms a suspension on the neck. For this breed is characterized by late ripening. Dogs are considered to be fully formed to 3 years . Centenarians - up to 15 years or more.
Head- The head is massive, with a broad skull and strongly developed cheekbones. wide forehead, flat, shallow furrow divided into two parts. The transition from forehead to muzzle well defined, forehead and muzzle parallel line. The ratio of the skull to the front portion of 3-2. And some dogs 1-1. muzzle volume, well filled under the eyes with a tight-fitting dry lips. The lower jaw is well developed wide. The nose is big and black. Browridges some dogs pronounced. Eyes – mostly dark hazel color, small, almonds, oval and round, deep and widely planted. In rough dog, a slight sagging of the lower eyelid. Preference is given to dogs with darker eye color.

bony index

males 19-21, u suk 18-21

Index form

105-108 . Dog found somewhat elongated 110-120

The height at the withers

Males - not less 72 cm, females - not lower 66 cm. the weight.- Kobe from 55 kg and above, Bags 42 and higher. Sexual dimorphism is pronounced- Males are much larger and heavier than females. Withers – well-developed, wide and muscular. The back is broad, strong and muscular. The croup is broad, almost horizontal. Chest to the elbow and below. deep. The front part protrudes to the glenohumeral joints. Underline expressed, belly moderately tucked.
Ears set at eye level, cropped.
Tail – It sets high, It is in the form of sickle, hook or ring (not laid on his back). Tail docking is allowed. Some areas cropped to 1/3, and in some 2/3.
Tooth complete system. teeth large, white. And undershot bite straight (minor). Encountered pincer and scissor bite. After 3-4 years many dogs bite goes in a straight line, and sometimes a slight undershot.
The neck is powerful equal in head length or slightly shorter than the length of the head.
The front legs are straight and parallel set. The angle of shoulder joint 100 degrees. The pasterns are broad and massive. fingers collected. Hind limbs when viewed from behind, straight and parallel to each other with wide put. Several straightened knee and hock. dogs meet with dewclaws. thigh broad, well-developed, Muscular.


The coat is straight, rough, with the soft thick undercoat.
Depending on the length of the dog's coat is divided into three types of coat: Collie type-length hair in dogs 10-12 cm , with an elongated outer coat and top coat. The long hair on the neck forms a "mane", rear sides of the legs - "tow" and "pants". Long wool, covering the tail on all sides, making it thick and fluffy. Intermediate (poludlinnoshorstny) - Dogs with less long top coat, about 5-8 cm. tail can be an easy tow. Coated - Dogs are covered with thick, short hair, with a well developed undercoat. "Mane" and "pants" are missing.


Basically - red, ( different shades, from pale to coppery red) the black, brown, chestnut, tiger, ashen, white, gray (sable). piebald, mottled colors in any combination. Dogs have also been red-red Crappie spot in the neck and paws. Dogs come in with a black mask and unmasked. In black dogs are sometimes above the eye yellow spots- "Glasses", and chest and legs are bleached color (white and red -podpaly). Pure black color dogs are rare.

conduct Features

Strong, uravnovešennyj, mobile. Defensive reaction - in an active form.

of movement

free, leisurely. Characteristic pace is "creeping" trot, when accelerating turning into a gallop. When moving the joints of the front and hindquarters unbend freely, back, and waist elastic spring.


allowed, with harmonious development, Dog to 72 cm and bitches to 64 cm. green eyes. Small toes-out front paws and weakly developed hind limbs. Lightness and looseness of addition, malokostnost. Pointed snout light, weak lower jaw. Scissor bite is not desirable. eyes bulging. small teeth. Narrow hollow back. Short croup. Short underdeveloped breasts. weak pasterns. Strongly drawn hocks. Weak ligaments and narrow of limbs. feathered legs. unbalanced movement.


Male dogs in female type and, nepolnozubnost, light eyes, brown nose and lack of pigmentation on the lips and around the eyes, cryptorchidism, curly hair. Cowardice and excessive choleric, unguided aggressiveness.

Breed Standard "Azerbaijani Wolfhound - Gurdbasar" was developed by the Public Association "Dogs Caucasian breed"

public association
Dogs Caucasian breed
Ilham Gasimzadeh

Members of the working group:
Aziz Topçiev
Zaur Salmanov
Kamal Seifullaev
Fuad Jafarov
John Ulyanochkyna