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Azerbaijan. The basic areas — the Karabakh zone, Fizuli, Lachin, Gubadli, Kalbadzhar (the occupied areas) areas, and also Cuba, Xizi, Shemakha, Zakatali, areas of Azerbaijan Republic. Mountain and steppe zones, also climatic conditions of republic to sheep breaders allowed to use actively years(summer) and winter pastures. Dogs have adapted to live in mountain and steppe areas of republic.

On rocky pictures of the Azerbaijan dogs have been made by the ancient man are found out historical reserve Gobustan. Researches of pictures testify, that 3 thousand more years B.C. in territory of Azerbaijan native dogs assisted the man to hunt, also to protect habitation and cattle.


The Azerbaijan wolfhound — Gurdbasar

In people of a dog of the given type have following names (from the most widespread to less):

— Wolfhound;

— Goyuniti, (a dog protecting a sheep) the Ghobaniti, (a dog of the shepherd);


— Gurdbasar (a dog pressing the wolf) . depending on phonetic feature of a pronunciation of patrimonial tribes of Azerbaijan.

— Gurd — the pronunciation in the Azerbaijan language, in translation into Russian means – the wolf;


It was initially applied, as the shepherd’s dog for protection of herds of cattle, camels, the sheep flocks, and also dwelling and a farmstead of Azerbaijanians. Loyalty to the owner and his family, intolerance to strangers and at the same time surprising ability to social adaptation, an amazing combination of intuition of native dogs, sharp-witted mind and magnificent physical data allow to use these dogs for protection. The dog is used now — as shepherd’s, protecting herds from wolves and different predators, also guard. Ancient Azerbaijanians used these dogs and for hunting. (a source. Ancient rock pictures of reserve Gobustan).


The Azerbaijan wolfhound — Gurdbasar-–a dog above average and large growth, it is strong also rough type of the constitution, with massive skeleton and well developed muscles. The skin thick, elastic.

For this breed maturing is characteristic later. Dogs are considered completely generated to 3 years . Long-livers – till 15th years and more.

A head — the Head massive, with a wide cranial part and strongly developed cheekbones. The forehead wide, flat, is undressed by a superficial groove on two parts. Transition from a forehead to a muzzle is well expressed, a line of a forehead and a muzzle in parallel. The ratio of a cranial part to an obverse part makes 3-2. And at some dogs 1-1. A muzzle volumetric, well filled under eyes with skintight dry lips. The bottom jaw wide well developed. A nose large and black. Arches at some dogs strongly pronounced.

Eyes-basically darkly brown color, small, almond, the oval and round form, it is deep and widely planted(put). At rough dogs probably insignificant отвисание a lower eyelid. The preference is given dogs with more dark color eyes.


At dogs 19-21, at she-dogs 18-21


104-108 .


Dogs – not below 72 sm, сук – not below 66 see вес.-dogs from 55 kg and above, she-dogs 42 and above.

Hault- well developed, wide and brawny. A back wide, strong and brawny. Groats wide, almost horizontal. A breast up to elbows and below. Deep. The line of a bottom is expressed, the stomach(belly) is moderately tightened.

Ears are put at a level of the eyes, stopped.

The tail — is put highly, happens in the form of a sickle, a hook or a ring (it is not incorporated on a back). Knocking over of a tail is supposed.

Forward legs(foots) straight lines also are in parallel put. A corner a shoulder-of a joint of 100 degrees. Пясти wide and massive. Fingers are collected. Back finitenesses at survey behind, direct and parallel each other with wide поставом. A little bit straightened knee and скакательные joints. There are dogs with прибылыми fingers. A hip wide, well developed, brawny.

Wool a straight line, rough, with a soft dense under fur.

Depending on length of a wool of a dog are shared into three types шерстного a cover:

Long-haired type–length of a wool at dogs of 10-12 sm , with extended остевым and integumentary волосом. Long hair on a neck forms «mane», on the back parties(sides) of legs(foots) – «очесы» and «trousers». The long wool covering a tail from different directions, does(makes) its(his) thick and fluffy.

Intermediate type – dogs with less long integument hair, nearby 5-8 see on a tail can be easy hair.

Short-haired – dogs are covered by a dense, short wool, with well developed underfur. «Mane» and «trousers» are absent.


Basically – red, (various shades, from pale-yellow up to медно-red) black, brown, chestnut, тигровый, ashy, white, grey. Skewbald, spotty color in any combination. At dogs red-red the spot(stain) крапы in the field of a neck and paws also is observed. Dogs happen to a black mask and without a mask. At black dogs sometimes happen above an eye yellow пятна-«glasses(spots)», and a breast and paws happen the clarified color


Strong, counterbalanced, mobile. Defensive reaction – in the active form.


Free, slow. A characteristic pace is a «creeping» lynx, at acceleration passing in gallop. At movement joints of forward and back finitenesses are freely unbent, a back, and a waist is elastic spring.


Are supposed, at harmonious development, dogs up to 72 sm and суки up to 64 see Green eyes. Small размет forepaws and poorly developed back finite nesses. Ease and friability of addition, малокостность. The pointed light muzzle, a weak bottom jaw. Ножницеобразный a bite not desirable. Eyes convex. A fine teeth. The narrow sagged back. Short oblique groats. A underdeveloped short breast.


Dogs in сучьем type and, неполнозубность, light eyes, brown мочка a nose and absence of pigmentation on lips and around of eyes, крипторхизм, a curly wool. Cowardice and excessive холеричность, uncontrollable aggression.

The standard of breed « the Azerbaijan wolfhound – Гурдбасар » is developed by Public association of » the Dog of the Caucasian Breeds »

The standard is approved on general meeting of members of Public Association of » the Dog of the Caucasian Breeds » on the basis of report №01-0208 from February, 07th, 2008

Chairman of

Public association

« Dogs of the Caucasian Breeds »

Ilham Gasimzadeh

Members of working group:

Zaur Salmanov

Kamal Sejfullaev

Fuad Dzhafarov

Yana Ulyanochkina