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Our mission

Project “Aboriginal dogs of Azerbaijan” It aims to raise awareness of the breed “Azerbaijan Wolfhound-gurdbasar”.

Azerbaijan Wolfhound-gurdbasar is the national wealth of Azerbaijan.

For centuries, the tradition existed in Azerbaijan in the breeding of these dogs, the rules for dog fighting on the eve of national holidays. Outstanding Shepherd champions moved into the category of spiritual values. On them were legends, which are passed on from generation to generation.

The objectives of the project include the breed description Azerbaijan Wolfhound-gurdbasar, traditions of their breeding and selection methods used by shepherds.

Ilham Gasimzadeh

“The Karabakh horse and wolfhound-gurdbasar national heritage of Azerbaijan”

Ilham GasimzadehPresident PA "DCB". Breeder of Gurdbasar.
Dace Strausa

“Azerbaijani Gurdbasars – It is a work of art”

Dace StrausaThe popular artist photographer, Breeder of horses.